The End I Guess

R.I.P. Livejournal.

I think it was August 2003-September 2006.

I should've done this long ago, when I stopped making "real" entries. Maybe this is saying something though...

Now...I probably won't get another journal on some other website, but if I's going to be a lot different than this. The way I write, what I write about, everything.

It has been good though. Thanks.


Out Of This World

Well, I think it's safe to say I don't like Livejournal all that much anymore, although I still have it....

I won't update about it next week, but on the 21st, it's my 3 year for having this thing, ha ha. That's crazy to me. I'm heading into my senior year of high school, and I still have it. I'm sticking with what I said a long time ago though, I'm keeping this till I get out of high school.

Summer is just about over. There has definitely been a handful of slow days this summer where I didn't do much, but everyone has those sometimes. For the most part, it has been an awesome summer. Good times with the band keep rolling, and we're growing bigger and bigger every week. It's so weird how much we've changed too. I always go back on and watch the video of our second show at the firehouse. We sound so much more....powerful and impacting today, and heavier. We are never going to be a metal band, but sometimes I feel like we're about to become a post-hardcore band. But it's amazing how we went from playing shows at GMA, and the firehouse to shows like now, The Recher Theater, Park Rock Festival, etc. We ARE going to have big things happen for us this senior year, I'm scared yet so excited. We're in "talks" I guess you could say with a record label in Delaware called Tried By Fire Records. We're going to even go to DE and record our new EP with them, which is going to sound SO much better than what we have now. And from there, hopefully we become a part of their label. If it does, we'll be touring in the summer most likely, and hopefully doing Warped Tour(they did a week of east coast warped show this summer).

Well....back to school next week. I almost wish I wasn't taking a full day of classes either actually....why did I sign up for all that? ha ha

Hope everyone else's summers were good.
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(no subject)

The only thing I hate about spending so much time with my band is the part when it's time to go home and be by yourself. It sucks.
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Warped Tour 06

Yet another amazing show, it never ceases to amaze me! This was my fourth year in a row. I could write so much about all that I saw and heard, but I can sum it up fast.

-Saves the Day was AWESOME, definitely my favorite band of the day(tied with Underoath)
-Senses Fail was good, they sounded a lot tighter this year than they did last, and they played a new song that sounded pretty good.
-Had to choose between Motion City Soundtrack and From First to Last(they played at the same time pretty much) and I chose MCS, they were good, played most of my favorites.
-From Autumn to Ashes, I got so lucky with them, because they came on like 45 minutes earlier than they were supposed to, luckily I was in the area and heard them playing. I ran over, and watched their set, it was good. They aren't as crazy live though as I thought they would be.
-Underoath, last band of the day I wanted to see. AMAZINGGGGG. They are so good live, and so damn energetic, they inspire me, ha ha.

Bought band shirts from every band I watched. Got stickers, all the free crap you get.

Stood next to the singer from Gym Class Heroes, and I was about to hand him a flyer of So Long Hollywood(yes, I promoted my band at the show a little), but I NEVER like to bother the people in bands for some reason.

Walked by the whole band of Saves the Day, but again, didn't want to bother them.

It was definitely a rockin' day, and Warped Tour continues to be my favorite concert, maybe I'll go to Nissan Pavilion in August. Anyone else going?
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End of the School Year Survey

001. Changed hair colors?
Yeah, I colored it, but it wasn't really notiecable

002. Discovered a new talent?

003. Had a Girlfriend?
First year like...ever that I didn't.

004. Get dumped?

005. Get ditched?

006. Broken up with somebody?
No to break up with, ha ha

007. Met someone you can't live without?
No, ha ha

008. Was this year the best year so far?
It might've been, it was pretty good

009. made a lot of friends?
Yeah, met a whole bunch this past year

010. failed a class?
Failed chemistry third quarter!! 53%

011. Hate a teacher?
I don't really hate teachers, but I disliked just about all my teachers this year

012. Get in any fights?

013. Gain any new friends?
Ya ya

014. Lose any friends?

015. Get in a fight with a friend?

016. Gone to a movie with a friend?
Yeah, a couple of times, about to go to one more to end the year on Thursday

017. Lost a family member?
He was like family, so yeah.

018. Get any taller?
Yeah, almost done growing though

019. Know someone that graduated from high school?
Yeah, a few of my friends, and one of my band-mates

020. Cut your hair?
Yeah, it wasn't really noticeable though, but I'm getting one this weekend

021. Hug more than 3 different people?
Shit yeah

022. Tell someone "i love you" and meant it?

023. Went to a fair?
Not this year

024. Gotten drunk?
I'm not bored enough with myself on the weekends.

025. Kept a secret from your parent?

026. Dated/"talked to" someone you wish you hadn't?

027. Hated someone of the opposite sex?
Nah, I don't really hate anyone

028. Hated someone of the same sex?
No ^^

029. Saw a kiddie movie at the theaters?
Hmmm...I don't remember

030. Spent most of your year watching tv?
Nah, but I did watch more this past year

031. Read a book?
Yep, I read a few this year! Yay for meeeee.

032. Sat through something boring?
Every day. school, work...

033. Drove a car?
Yeah, two
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(no subject)

School is almost done. I couldn't be happier. I'm getting so lazy it's not even funny. I haven't studied for finals either, not one bit. I'm dead maybe? But I get good grades throughout the year, so I can bomb my finals and I won't fail the class, ha ha. That's not a positive attitude, I know, be quiet.

The shows this past weekend were ok, I was a little bummed, they all seemed a bit lackluster, but it happens. Next week have that show in Charlotte Hall, so hopefully we do better there.

As far as Tyler, wow. That guy is amazing. He's such a talented guitarist. He learned our two hardest, most complex songs in like twenty minutes, and played them almost perfect. ANDDDDDD he was getting into like we do!(he was headbanging and axing it and everything).

And you know...I really was worried about him because I knew we were doing something that no one expected. But I am glad. The outcome was awesome. He's not in our band yet, but he's well on his way. Sure, he's a lot more into metal then our kind of music, but who cares. But he is almost like one of us. He fits in, and it's almost weird. I thought he was going to be some scary, hard-ass kid who'd be like "you didn't like that riff?? you're dead bitch." (goes metal and kicks ass) but he's laid back like the rest of us. He already kicked the crap out of Dan like everyone else in our band has, ha ha.

So this week all that's really left is to make a new song, and if he can do it, he's in our band. We already took new promo pictures with him so it's almost official. By him being in our band, it'll help out so much. I'm praying everything works out and he gets in, I WANT the motherfucker in our band, ha ha.

Anyway. I talk too much about the same subject, ha ha. So come to my show June 10th.

Where: Rite Note Guitar Shop(in the town of Charlotte Hall)
Time: 12 pm (early show!)
Cost: FREE!!!
Bands: I can't think of them off-hand, it's all bands we've never played with, but check out our myspace for it.



(no subject)

Here in computer programming again, like my last entry, I think, but anyway...

Tonight is our show at All Saints, and I've been antsy all day at school. I got so much homework today too! It's so stupid. I got done all my math though here, but I still have chemistry and english, I'll just do it Monday or something.

But yeah, tonight.

I can't wait, almost everyone I invited is coming, and then there will be a bunch more. We're expecting 100-300 people to show up, so we'll see.

Tomorrow we have our show in Lexington Park, which I'm also excited about.

Sunday we play at Red Hot & Blue, and I'm excited. I'm excited about this weekend definitely. These shows have been the only thing I've been looking forward to all week.

Next week we're trying out another guitarist, but I'm having mixed feelings about it. He seems cool, and he's a really good guitar player, however..

I've heard NOTHING good about him from people, which makes me have second thoughts, ha ha. He's a metal guitarist, which is good because we want to make heavier music, except...we don't want to be metal, just heavier a little. Maybe like Drop D or something. I'm just worried our band is going to go through a huge transformation that I don't like. Justin will be just on vocals, so of course he won't play guitar as much, leaving the new guy(if he gets in our band) or me to make up songs, and that worries me too. Justin and I always made songs together, which we still can....but it'll be weird. I don't know, I'm rambling, there's not guarantee to any of this.

But anyway, come to the shows this weekend, it'll be good times. I'm glad tomorrow we'll be hanging with all of our friends(the guys in Every Waking Hour and My Heart's Disaster), that show should be fun.

Yeah...this was too much about my I'll stop.

Bum Rush To Show

Things are pretty much back to normal. I know in my last entry I said I made peace with what happened, but that same day, and day after, I cried, again. But now I seriously am alright.

I have a cold though, which sucks.

To update on things with girls....I have no idea anymore. To sum it up in one sentence, no girl likes me. I mean, no one.

There is a show my band has on May 26th, at All Saints. I am trying to rally up the school(not the whole thing) to come and see us. I'm talking anyone and everyone. I got two girls to come to our show once, and they said they "didn't fit in." Well...I like that. I want more of that. I want our fans to be a huge mixture, kinda like..bringing everyone together. So, if you think you can make it, please come. Hang out with me too?

Um, not much else going on really. Interims come out next week, not really nervous though, I THINK I'm doing good, I guess I'll find out though. I am definitely ready for school to end though, seriously. I'm getting really lazy. Each morning it's getting harder and harder to get out of bed. Last Friday, I actually skipped school because I 'didn't feel like going, and I wanted to sleep." Summer can't get here soon enough.

I really want to make sure to hang out with some people this summer, other than my band. So if you're free one day, let's do something. I still love you guys, I'm just a little busier since I work, have band practice, and play shows.

Anyway, I'm just letting you all know what's going on. Take care. <3



I met Catfish the day I moved to Maryland. He helped us move in our house, and I remember the bungee cord snapped off something and hit him in the eye and he had reduced vision. But he didn't even seem to mind.

About 32 days ago(I think it was 32) he found out he had terminal cancer. Today, April 22nd, at 12:45 pm, he passed away. I didn't go to the hospital to see him because I knew I wouldn't be able to handle it, apparently he looked bad. When I first heard he had cancer, I was sad, I won't lie, but it didn't really hit me until last night. Last night I had work. When my mom picked me up from work, she was crying. She said Catfish wouldn't last much longer. She talked about how Stevie and Josh are going to be all alone now because their mom left them a long time ago, and now their dad was going to die. I started feeling really bummed out, and when we hit our driveway at home, I slowly started crying. I haven't cried for a long time either. I cried for about an hour straight. It's so sad, now I know what it's like to lose someone, and I wasn't super close with him either. Yeah, I went over his house a lot for cookouts and stuff, and I'd known him for about 8 and a half years, but I didn't think it'd hurt this bad. I can't even begin to imagine how Anne feels, or Stevie and Josh, and Wayne. Wayne seems alright, but I can tell by the redness in his eyes he'd been crying. He knew him for over 20 years I think, and Catfish was like a father to him. When my great Grammie Horn died when I young, I did not cry, when de-de died, I did not cry, because I was young and did not fully understand. Now I do, and it hurts.

Last night and today were so depressing, I forgot what it was like to be depressed like this, and I hate it. This all happened so fast, too fast. But by the evening today, after I had heard he passed, I started making peace with it, and felt a little better. I know he wouldn't want any of us sad, but you just can't help it. I'm alright now, but I know I'm going to be bummed out for awhile. The funeral is going to be really hard next week, it's going to kill me to see everyone so sad. I will make that my vow to make that the second and last time I cry. This will be hard.

R.I.P. Lemule"Catfish"Phillips.

If I spelt your name wrong, I am sorry.
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Lost Cause

I don't ever know what to write in here anymore, I'm getting really bad at updating now.

Well listen, if you're reading this, I miss you, but you're not, so oh well.

Mean people still suck, I saw a group of kids tonight say a bunch of terrible things to a guy in a wheelchair, making him bite his lip, trying hard not to cry. He went into Walgreens, and called the police I guess, we pulled away a minute later, and sure enough, there was a cop car.

I don't want to go to back to school next week, no way.

And I wish I had you. <3